My name is Jason Narog and I used to work in corporate America. In high school I enjoyed roller hockey, backyard wrestling, boxing, and basketball. 1 day while messing around “fighting” with a friend, things got out of control and my knee ended up hurting really, really bad. I stopped exercising, gained weight, and took up smoking. The height of my smoking reached 3 packs a day.

Years went by where I thought I required knee surgery. My fear of doctors and desire to not get cut open kept me from sports and activities for years. Finally the pain in my knee got bad enough (and my insurance was good enough) that I went to a physical therapist. She explained to me that years of tight muscles and bad movement patterns were the actual cause of my knee pain and if I worked on correcting them I could participate in physical activities again.

So I enrolled in a Muay Thai program down the street. I quit smoking so I could practice Muay Thai. Some of the coaches got me into the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program. Jiu Jitsu led to kettlebell training with a StrongFirst kettlebell instructor. I became a certified personal trainer and began training clients before work. At the end of 2019 I left corporate America to pursue training people full time. Physical exercise helped me become a more confident person. I traveled to Costa Rica to train with The Muay Thai Guy Sean Fagan. I traveled on a Jiu Jitsu Cruise to Jamaica, Haiti, and Mexico with world class BJJ champions. I spent 3 days in Tacoma, WA with the cream of the crop in StrongFirst kettlebell training. I’ve met amazing instructors in the world of TRX and Suples Bulgarian Bag training.

I’ve helped others train for mud runs (where for the first time ever they actually enjoyed running), and gotten them into kickboxing programs. The true happiness in physical activity doesn’t actually come from “losing 10 pounds” or “putting on 5 pounds of muscle” though. At least, not for me and I’m assuming not for you either.

Amazing thing to get back into fitness, while getting back to normal!  My wife and I have been taking the kickboxing class on line.  It’s really great how Jason has multiple camera angles and the timer displayed on the screen.  I had no idea I could get such a great workout, just punching and kicking in the air.  I feel great and it’s been so amazing to be part of a “group” workout again.  Love the feeling of community and engagement in the workouts!  Thanks Jason! – Curt, St Louis

The true benefit of fitness comes from the soft skills it gives us.

  • A greater ability to manage stress and anxiety in everyday life
  • A new found confidence in ourselves
  • Improved posture (I’ll admit my posture isn’t 100%, but it’s way better than where I was)
  • A desire to become healthier in all aspects of life

I know as a computer programmer I wasn’t the most confident person ever. My former boss commented on how great it was to watch the changes in me over the years as I got more and more into fitness. She was happy for me the day I put in my notice to pursue sharing this passion with others. And that’s why I developed Push Ups and Pizza. I want to share with you what I know has worked for me to make me the person I am today. The program as it’s currently laid out is what I want to share with the world. I had the desire to add pieces to the puzzle that didn’t quite fit that held me back from “officially” releasing. But not anymore.

Pieces of Push Ups and Pizza is wisdom I’ve picked up from others. Other pieces are around avoiding pitfalls I found myself in when getting started. I want you to be able to able get past the earlier stumbling blocks I had and truly enjoy fitness. Fitness is supposed to be fun. If you’re not having fun working out, you need to find a program you like. When that isn’t fun it’s time to move onto something else! It’s a lifestyle.

So what did I put into Push Ups and Pizza?

Mindset Module

Just like every other membership program on the internet I’m going to go over your “why.” Why do you want to be fit? Then we’ll cover internal and external motivators and ways to stay accountable on your fitness journey.

Nutrition Module

If you’ve run across my 90 day experience on Facebook you’ve seen some of my ideas around nutrition. No crash diets, no “avoid this entire food group.” Nutrition has to be sustainable, just like fitness. If nutrition isn’t fun then you’re not going to follow the program for long and you won’t have long term results. This is a lifestyle shift so the less rules the better.

Exercise Form / Mental Shifts Around Working Out

Here I cover the basic movement patterns that are part of any good gym program. Pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting, lunging, and proper core stabilization. If you look up the TRX methodology it falls into this pyramid with some a few added pieces around rotation. Philosophy around exercise is also covered here to create a stable base to build your fitness foundation upon.

5-ish Minute Abs

Example routines and a description of how to build your own 5-ish minute abs program. You don’t need to waste a lot of time doing a lot of reps. This builds upon the philosophy section above surrounding progressions and the understanding of creating tension and relaxation in the body. If you have any previous experience around high intensity interval training the 5-ish minute abs program will make sense. As you get stronger you increase the intensity of the program – not the duration. You’ve already established the routine habit, the intensity increases as you get better.

Cardio Muay Thai

I’ve built live online bootcamps around this. Stance, punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and defense are all covered before getting into the actual “meat” of the program. This is the high intensity weight loss / anxiety removing portion of the program! 10 structured weeks of combos, 9 bonus combos (with video), plus 19 additional (no video) combos to get your heart rate going and you up and moving.

Bodyweight / Minimal Equipment Strength Training Program

10 weeks of bodyweight programming to get you strong without having to leave the house to go to the gym complete with added cardio, 5-ish minute ab routines, and weekly homework assignments.

[Bonus 1] Corrective Exercise / Isolated Muscle Targeting

Various stretches and strength training exercises I’ve picked up along the way to help you feel and move better. The stretching techniques are designed to help fix some of the tightness we encounter in everyday life through our “too much sitting” lifestyles.

[Bonus 2] Intro to the Bulgarian Bag

The Bulgarian Bag is one of the coolest pieces of fitness equipment I’ve run across so far and it’s portable so you can use it pretty much anywhere. Take your fitness to the next level without needing to sign up for a gym. Grip strength, forearm strength, total body strength, endurance & conditioning. This bag does it all. Learn how I use it in my training.

[Bonus 3] Office Stretching & Exercises

If you’re stuck at work but want to get some stretching or bodyweight training in I’ve got you covered.

[Bonus 4] Private Facebook Group

Share success stories, ask questions, and hang out with an amazing community.

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* My guarantee to you. Push Ups and Pizza will always be a work in progress. If you want to see something added, just shoot me a message and I’ll add it to the docket of things to add. My idea with Push Ups and Pizza is to provide you with the power to go out and create your own routines that work! There are currently 60+ lessons and over 100 videos included. When you sign up now, you’ll have access to all the new content without having to spend any more money. Those in the future will have to pay more to get in.